Travelling Back to the City of Joy


Dated: 7th December, 2015


As the dark shadow passes, there comes illumination. Au Revoir! To the most delightful city I’ve ever encountered. Bangalore it is. Farewell to the most amazing friends I’ve made there. If ever given a chance, I could have another rendezvous.

With the slouching air-craft, the allure to smell the soil of my hometown is pacing. If love, really is blind, I am, unconditionally, in love with the racing heart-beats, the moment that I am beseeching to be paused and most importantly, the feeling – the feeling of an uncanny treble that swirled my mind. As this craft is making me set my feet off the ground, nonetheless, I’m flying.

Current emotions: Speed, tremor, fury and eeriness. No, not a moment has passed when I was frantic. I’m enigmatic as I am now, a spectator of the shimmering lights that lay beneath me. Soon, I’d be tracing the wintry air of Kolkata. Honestly, the night sky couldn’t be any better.

The devastating floods in Chennai might have terrorized numerous colonies and nearly shook the entire nation (irony, is it?), it taught me a huge lesson that may last till altered – Friendship matters. Love matters. A span of a few months taught me how to love my inner peace, my anxiety, my problems, my figurine, my smile, my flaws and in a nutshell, myself. I have learned to believe; I’ve learned to be me.¬†As lunatic as it may sound, the moon seems closer than ever. I am truly grateful to the nature for everything that it had in store for me and for the world, as I am and will be in irrevocable love with the paradox.




P. S. :- It was written and hidden long time ago in bland sheets until decided to be shared with the world. Also, the images are irrelevant to the journey experienced.

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