The Bland Paper: A Story Teller is a blog started by an Indian aspiring author Sushmita Mukherjee (pen name: MyWordMenace). The blog is an establishment of imagination which sculpts down poetry and short stories based on diverse aspects of life’s and beyond’s paradigm. It focuses on as many agendas as possible¬†irrespective of norm. Speculations, criticism, and appreciations are well considered and worked onto.

Aspects of focus are:

  1. Social Awareness (Causes)
  2. Fiction
  3. Journal Statements
  4. Insights
  5. Reviews
  6. Romance

Suggestions for change or addition are always welcome.

The blogger aka MyWordMenace was born on the 3rd of November, 1996. She has studied electrical and electronics engineering in SRM University, Chennai. She developed her knack for writing at a young age and loved writing fictional stories and novels. It was when she began engineering she felt the need to start a blog by herself and jot.

Feel free to read the posts by The Bland Paper: A Story-Teller and if you have already completed reading, stay tuned for more.