̶L̶o̶v̶e̶ En Vogue

Tap, tap.

Fingertips brushing my phone.

Searching and surfing, posting and lurking

Unfilling the crazy, erasing the madness;

Something’s digging deep, deep into my bone.

Check, check.

Check again; repeat. Am I sure?

That’s my picture in all kinds of hue.

Sketching my madness, spreading the virus

Come on; does it matter if there’s a cure?

Shoot, shoot!

Liking old photograph, I’m a ball of shame.

Testing waters, crossing the line

Fine, tweaking the odds, give up

Do I exist, do I not? Let’s play the game!

Hush, hush.

Following trends, adding hashtags, forget.

How? Making love or having sex?

Kissing lips, breaking hearts, loathing self

Break and repeat, love equals threat.

Gulp, gulp.

Closed eyes and chugging beer

Drunk texts. Delete. Laughing at self.

Me? I’m fine. Where are the damn pills?

Let’s pack it up, he said he is clear.

Stop, stop.

Swallow my pride. Doing what I feared.

Don’t spare a drop. Drown it all.

Talk. Breathe. Learn. Move on.

But, wait! I, I have already disappeared.

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